The Untapped Potential of Mobile Apps for Commercial Customers

The Untapped Potential of Mobile Apps for Commercial Customers


Study after study has highlighted the rapid adoption of mobile devices by consumers but commercial customers are embracing mobility as well. The desktop and laptop are being replaced or, more likely, supplemented by smart phones and tablets. In fact, the typical employee uses three devices for work daily.

Even though mobility is a phenomena that affects both consumers and the enterprise, the mobility needs of commercial customers has been largely ignored: While much of financial institutions’ focus has been on developing consumer mobile apps for their retail banking business, there is opportunity to deliver enterprise mobile apps to the commercial market as well that can serve as a competitive differentiator.

However, it’s challenging to provide enterprise mobile apps to commercial clients. Not only do the apps need to be secure but they need to work on multiple operating systems and devices. Developing a variety of apps puts a very real burden on IT staffs and increases costs for financial institutions.

When it comes to mobility, think ‘once and done:’ develop the mobile app once and deliver it to multiple devices. This multi-device strategy streamlines mobile app design, development and deployment; reduces IT costs; and improves speed to market of new apps.

Join Bank Systems & Technology and Kony to explore the mobility trends that will have the most on impact how financial institutions deliver enterprise-grade mobile apps to commercial customers and learn strategies for creating a mobility platform that maximizes mobile app development.

  • Understanding how commercial customers differ from retail customers and strategies for designing a mobility platform that can support the needs of both.
  • Addressing mobility issues specific to commercial customers, such as supporting bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies.
  • Selecting the appropriate mobile app development platform: native, HTML5 web-based or hybrid.
  • Considerations for buy vs. build.  
  • Realizing cost savings in IT and overall business operations by developing an app once and delivering it to multiple devices.
  • Leveraging a mobile application development platform to deliver a consistent user experience across devices.

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