Banking on Results: Turn an Avalanche of Data into Actionable Insight

Banking on Results: Turn an Avalanche of Data into Actionable Insight

Available On Demand
Duration 60min
Alan Horton-Bentley
Program Director, Global Industry Marketing
IBM Software Solutions Group
Alan Horton-Bentley
Alan Horton-Bentley is IBM’s World Wide Industry Marketing Program Director for the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions Group - focused on Banking & Financial Services (B&FS). He has held this position for approximately 7 years since the acquisition of FileNet Inc, where I held a similar position. Prior to joining IBM Alan’s 30 years in the software Industry includes a number of senior executive positions: Vice President of General Automation’s Financial Services Division, CEO of Xcel Banking Systems, a subsidiary of Security Pacific Bank, President of RegCom Associates a regulatory compliance & consulting firm and CEO of Hannibal Inc, an SaaS based recruitment automation firm in partnership with a leading Swiss Bank. His knowledge of ECM dates back to1984 – combined with his knowledge of the B&FS business challenges enables him to assist IBM customers and partners develop compelling solutions to address the growth in complex business processes - including Fraud investigation and Social Media communications.

Can you have too much information? For many organizations in the banking and financial services industry, dealing with an avalanche of content is making them less productive, not more. To remain competitive, these institutions must be able to capture and assimilate all available information and transform it into actionable insight.  

Join this webinar to learn how content analytics can help you discover and gather the critical data trapped in unstructured documents, email messages, media comments, social forums and more. Learn how effective content management can reduce complexity and risk while ensuring greater productivity, lower costs and better outcomes.

You will learn:

  • How content analytics can help every line of business use information to make better decisions, such as improved credit granting assessments
  • Why better-informed, empowered personnel can enhance the overall customer experience
  • How a vast repository of information and in-depth insight can ensure better fraud detection as well as reduced regulatory violations 
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