US Bank To Expose e-Signature Strategy on September 10th: Register Now

US Bank To Expose e-Signature Strategy on September 10th: Register Now

E-Signatures for Account Opening Case Study: How U.S. Bank transformed branch operations with electronic transactions

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Duration 60min
John Fraser
Vice President, Technology and Operations Services
US Bank
John Fraser
With over 18 years of experience in technology, John Fraser manages the Content Generation and Electronic Signature teams at U.S Bank. As VP of TOS, his focus is creating and expanding dynamic content and electronic signing services for all lines of business. Before his career with U.S. Bank, he had 5 years as an entrepreneur focusing on customized hardware and software solutions and 7 years designing and building high speed inspection systems and vision guided robotics inspecting components for companies including IBM, Toshiba, and Samsung. At U.S. Bank, Mr. Fraser leveraged his unique hardware and software integration experience to create a signature process deployed to 3,200 branches and 12,000 tablet devices. This supports electronic signing of in branch loan and deposit transactions for consumers and business products. John continues to be a major advocate of for electronic signing as a primary way to improve efficiency, eliminate errors, and strengthen evidence collection.
Mary-Ellen Power
VP of Marketing
Mary-Ellen Power
Mary Ellen joined Silanis as Vice-President of Marketing in 1999. She oversees communications, PR and social media, analyst relations, demand generation, partner marketing and integrated operations for the sales and marketing departments. Prior to her tenure at Silanis, Mary Ellen led a 50-person team worldwide at Matrox, the acclaimed Montreal-based graphics company, and held marketing positions in technology companies in both North America and the United Kingdom.
In September 2011, U.S. Bank – a top 5 bank - went live with e-signatures for consumer and small business loans across 3,084 branches nationwide.

Customers and staff embraced the new paperless process, with e-signature adoption quickly reaching 80 percent.

Please join John Fraser, Vice President, Technology and Operations Services - US Bank, to witness a live demonstration and discover how US bank was able to:

  • Streamline a 16 step process to four steps
  • Reduce document errors by 90%
  • Process tens of thousands of transactions daily

Uncover what it takes to set up and scale e-signatures to support multiple lines of business in your financial institution.

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