How to Mitigate Fraud & Cyber Threats with Big Data and Analytics

How to Mitigate Fraud & Cyber Threats with Big Data and Analytics


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Duration 60min
Vivek Bajaj
Director, Global Banking & Financial Markets
IBM Big Data Industry Team
Vivek Bajaj

Vivek is the Global Banking & Financial Markets Leader for IBM’s Big Data Industry team. In this capacity Vivek leads a team of 40+ experienced Industry consultants and architects who work directly with clients in all major markets globally to deliver measurable business value by leveraging Big Data & Analytics.

Alongside his leadership responsibilities Vivek works directly with C-suite executives to share best practices based on his 15 years of expertise in banking & financial markets. He has personally driven strategic transformation initiatives by leveraging information & advanced analytics at major financial institutions in the recent past.

Vivek has played numerous roles directly related to the financial services industry over the last several years. Directly prior to his current role Vivek led the European Business Analytics and Optimization industry team for Banking & Financial markets for over 2 years. In the years before that Vivek has held a number of leadership positions in financial services including managing the client executive relationship with a top-10 financial institution and heading a strategic consulting practice for financial services globally. He also setup up and grew a financial services sales & delivery practice at Microsoft in the past.

He is recognized as an industry expert and invited to speak at a multitude of industry executive roundtables, technology conferences and universities to highlight real world financial services and big data use cases. Vivek is also regularly interviewed and published by industry journals and think tanks.

Vivek is a recognized IBM management and sales leader with numerous awards and citations. He is an economics and management university graduate from the University of Mumbai and has a post graduate MBA degree from Henley Business School, UK.

When not at IBM, Vivek is passionate about sports, travel and spending time with his family.

Michael Krieger
Tech Industry Market Expert
Michael Krieger

Michael's 40+ year IT career has included stints as developer, CIO, product manager for server, storage and communications companies and now as technology marketing analyst and consultant. He is based in the San Francisco bay area.

Banks today are facing increasing pressure to detect and mitigate fraud as well as cyber threats -- both external and internal to their organizations. Fraud and cyber threat schemes are becoming more complex in nature and more difficult to identify, while transaction and data volumes are increasing. To stay ahead of sophisticated criminal activity, banks must capitalize on the wealth of data and information at their disposal. They need ways to analyze all available data, quickly and efficiently, to proactively stay a step ahead of fraud and attacks on their systems.

Attend  this webinar to learn how to:

•   Predict and detect suspicious transactions to avoid fraudulent losses

•   Analyze all available data, historical and real time, to stop cyber attacks

•   Utilize real-time analytic techniques closer to the data to speed up


•   Dramatically reduce fraud and system protection costs

Register for this webinar to learn how to analyze large numbers of transactions in real time and to automate detection and stop fraud transactions or intrusions as they occur. 

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